Brathuku Brathikinchu

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Brathuku Brathikinchu Foundation will be part of many activities in the society.

Our Activity

What We Do

We continue our foundation services in Telangana Karnataka Andhra Pradesh Tamil Nadu Kerala Maharashtra

Educating poor children
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Giving walkers and vehicles to disabled people
Fulfilling the last wishes of a child with cancer
Guaranteeing employment to single women
Adopting poor children and educating them
Setting up any small business for the disabled
performing funeral rites for an orphaned corpse
Adopting poor old people and supporting them
providing books to poor children
showing support to women whose husband has died
Distributing rice packets to the old people on the roads
Committing mentally challenged people to unsupported asylums
Donate blood when needed
going to the old age home and giving them what they need
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Donating Blankets to Road Side People
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Kind Volunteers
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Campaigns Running
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